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Probate Administration
and Trust Administration

When someone passes away, all property the person owned at their death, known as their estate, is transferred, or distributed to his or her heirs, through a process known as probate or trust administration. This occurs whether or not there is a will or trust agreement. All probate and trust matters are handled in a special division of the court system, called probate court. And it is important to comply with the probate laws to ensure that all transfers are legal.

We have extensive experience in handling probate and trust matters at a reasonable cost. Please call our office to discuss how we can assist you.

Will and Trust Disputes
and Litigation, including Will Contests

It is an unfortunate reality that often times an elderly person is taken of advantage when planning their estate. They may not have the mental capacity to change or make a will or were subject to undue influence. We have extensive experience in litigation contesting wills and trusts. If you believe that a loved one did make changes to their will or trust under suspicious circumstances, please call our office to discuss how we can assist you.

Business Disputes/
Real Property Litigation

If you have a contractual or business dispute or an issue involving real property, call our office to see if we can help.

Personal Injury
and Wrongful Death

If you have been in a car accident, let our experience guide you in the handling of your claim. We handle all types of accidents including car, motorcycle, and slip and fall. Learn more